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Ami Moss and The Unfortunate

 Ami Moss sings a smoky version of jazz and blues while bandmates Brach Siemens, Joby Morey and Ed Bialach back her up with guitar, upright bass and piano and drums. Their rich arrangements and complex solo interactions harken back to the jazz combos of the 1920s-30s, while Ami's original lyrics touch on subjects of heartbreak, love and perseverance.

Max Simmons

Known for his distinctive voice and bold lyrics, Max Simmons has always loved music and is influenced by Bob Dylan, Nick Cave and David Bazan. Armed with an acoustic guitar, Max sings songs about love, loss, life, faith and family. His upcoming release, One of These Days, will be released in two different versions: one with him and his acoustic guitar and the other with musical friends accompanying him.

Michael Hodges